Take Me Back To Where I Belong

by Jive Ass Yuppies



This 2 piece album is about the struggles of debating on whether or not you are a good person leading a good life.


released March 15, 2016

I've been struggling real heavily on trying to be a good unmanipulative person, but it has not been working out.

This one goes out to all of the people that told me I'm terrible and can just go die. This one goes out to all the people that have been victims against my uncalled for manipulation. This one goes out to the people that couldn't handle me as a person any longer.




Jive Ass Yuppies Denver, Colorado

Folk-Punk artist originating from Oahu, Hawaii. Currently in Denver, Colorado. Raw sounds with powerful lyrics. Ha. Just kidding. Some of this might just make you cry.

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Track Name: The Devil Is Real
3rdCapo Am, Gm

Jesus fucking Christ,
If he even is real,
I’m tired of the fighting and the bullshit fucking deals.
The devil played his game, and found out I won,
But now a dark angel is coming to take my soul
And the war has begun.

Don’t fucking get me wrong, This is all just a metaphor,
There is no god, nor is there a devil.
I’m sick of loathing against myself,
And I’m sick of loathing other people to hell.


And I’m sickof all these bullshit fucking games,
That play between my heart and my brain.
Honestly, even if it its based on good morals,
My fucking overthinking always wins the battles.

The Devil won this time, playing a dirty way,
He cheated and swore he never did, he’d say.
He got my soul, and he got my pride,
Because my heart and brain always let it slide.

So this is my prayer to you, even if I’m not religious,
I’m praying to myself, to make me better again.
I’m praying to my heart to stop it’s crying,
And I’m praying to my brain to stop it’s deceiving.

Jesus fucking Christ,
Now that I know you’re not real,
I’ll curse you back to hell, because of the bad deal.
The devil played his game, and found out I won,
But the devil is me,
And a war has never begun.
Track Name: Pinnochio

What's the point in living if you have nothing to live for?
What's the point in creating that when your passions don't even change the world?
What's the point in trying when all you seem to do is fail?
Even at the bottom of everything, the top seems like a long shot in the dark.

I feel that I have nothing to contribute to changing the world,
When all I do is scream incoherent words.
Nobody is really listening and they're just buying time.
Just as I am doing.
With good morals, I'm just living a lie.

We all have a conscious, but he ain't no Jimeny cricket.
We won't turn into donkeys, and our lies won't be evident.
None of us are good people, yet none of us are bad.
We don't live in absolutes,
We just live and die
We're shitty people, all our lives.

You're not a superhuman, you're barely even a super villain,
Your powers are too weak to stand up for yourself,
And when others stand for you, then you sit back on your couch,
Hoping that they win the fight
When you barely even put in help.

I've spent all my time wasting away at that goddamn place
And I was getting nowhere doing nothing and barely even living.
I was afraid to go outside and live the life most dream of
And even now I want to spend time with the people I love
And I want to see the world for what it truly is
And experience the terrible and the amazing and live in full passions
But I can't fucking do that while being tied down to people and places
And I can't fucking do that while being stricken down in my own head.